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Laur's life

28 February 1982
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loves cats, crafts, and children, Law and Order SVU, Grey's Anatomy
acid reflux, acoa, adhd, affirmations, air conditioning, american sign language, animal love, animal rights, animal-free products, art, art therapy, arts and crafts, aspergers, autism, babies, behavioral science, being poor, biore strips, blue, blue eyes, books, brilliance/insanity, butterflies, caffeine, cats, child abuse, child development, child neglect, children, clogs, coffee houses, coffee shop culture, coffee shops, collaging, comfy clothes, counseling, crafting, crafts, creativity, crying, david sedaris, decoupage, decoupaging, developmental psychology, diet coke, eating disorders, eyes, feminism, frew, frew crew, green tea, growing, handmade crafts, health food, hermitting, honesty, insanity, insomnia, journal, journaling, journals, kids, laughing, law and order svu, learning, life (the cereal), lip gloss, lyrics, marines, marya hornbacher, mental health, mental health issues, mental illness, mental retardation, movies, naps, non-profits, nonfiction books, nonsexual, nutrition, open mindedness, organic food, osteopenia, overcoming obstacles, painting, photography, procrastinating, psychology, quiet storm, quotes, rain, raindrops, rainy days, reading, reading self help books, recovery, scrapbooking, self-awareness, self-discovery, self-esteem, shrinks, singing, sleeping, snail mail, sober, social issues, social services, social work, society, sociology, special needs children, splenda, spring, stickers, stretching, struggling, tea, text messaging, texting, therapy, thunderstorms, treatment, trying to recover, usmc, vegan, veganism, vegetarian, vegetarianism, vegetarians, whole foods, whole foods market, wings, writing, yoga, youth issues, youth work